Harmony 2016/2017 Collection!


Introducing: The Harmony Collection 

Click below to head to the Harmony Website, Download the Harmony PDF File or view the Warranty Information

2016-17-Harmony PDF Catalog Download 

Harmony 2016/2017 Collection! (Website) 

Hamony Warranty 


Harmony is a great product that we have carried for many years. With its ever changing styles, colors & choices you can be sure to find what your looking for!

Come visit us today! Catalogs are on hand to take home & we have a large amount of Showroom Inventory for you to view. Orders can be placed immediately and Estimates can be made as requested. (Serious inquiries only please).

Expected Shipping Time: 5-7 Business days. When it is delivered to us we can deliver & install if needed. You are more than welcome to pick up your items if you wish.

Curious? Download the Harmony Catalog Via PDF File> Click this link below


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 A little bit more about The Harmony Collection

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Storlie Company Inc. is the exclusive provider of The Harmony Collection.

After more than 20 years of supplying the Midwest with premium furniture, we’ve learned that your office environment directly influences your work. We understand your need for an atmosphere that enhances productivity and encourages creativity. We’ve designed The Harmony Collection for the state-of-the-art businesses that aspire to create success. The Harmony Collection combines beauty, quality, and functionality while offered at an excellent value.

Bring Harmony to your workplace.

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